STOLEN BIKE ALERT - Red Trek Mountain Bike

Stolen bike on right

Someone stole my red Trek Mountain bike out of my yard this weekend : (. This bike was my moms in college and it is one of the most important things that I own. Please keep an eye out for it!  Stolen off of N. 9th Ave.  If anyone sees it please [e-mail The Bozeman Fix - link on left side of page]. - Carly H.

Symbiotic Shredder Society- 4/19/2015

Symbiotic Shredder Society
4/19 at 4:20
1504 S Willson

STOLEN BIKE ALERT - Big Blue Bike with Yellow Fenders

****** Edit, this bicycle has been found! ******

STOLEN BIKE ALERT - Big Blue Bike with Yellow Fenders
ATTENTION BOZEMAN VIGIALANTES! This bicycle was stolen from our porch on the night of 2/21.Blue frame, yellow fenders, red fork, orange top-tube protector, "God Approved" sticker on frame. We're assuming the culprit is male, or some tall-ass female. If found, please email The Bozeman Fix (link on bottom left hand side of page).

Bikes, Money & Drugs

This response to prior post is completely ripped off from the mad geniuses at Drunk Cyclist.

Money for Drugs??? Yeah Right!!!

Winter Bike To Work Day 2015

Winter Bike to Work Day is this Friday the 13th
  1. Go to
  2. Commit to riding your bike on Friday
  3. Add yourself to the worldwide map
  4. Join us at Rockford Coffee on 7th Ave on Friday between 7am and 9am
  5. Eat bacon, drink coffee, ride bikes.  Not necessarily in that order
  6. Smile

2015 Wednesday Night Fatties Series

It's been awhile since we've held a "Wednesday Night Fatties" ride and although this winter is currently proving to be pretty pathetic we should get together and ride anyway. RSVP via the event on the "Bozeman Fatbike Family" Facespace page if you're into that sort of thing.

Meet promptly at 6:30 in front of the Public Library to begin riding a few minutes later. We'll do an out-and-back loop on a town trail and then once back at the Library consider doing another out-and-back loop on another depending on how the group is feeling.

This is a weeknight fatbike spin on the local town trails. Camaraderie comes first and although no one is going to stop you from racing your buddy, you won't find a competitive element here. Come one, come all, tell your fat-friendly friends.

Bike Walk Montana License Plates Available in 2015

Show your support for safe and accessible biking and walking for all Montanans with a Bike Walk Montana license plate!  The $25 fee directly supports Bike Walk Montana's efforts to educate, network, and advocate for better bicycling and walking laws and facilities.  Available at your county treasurer's office February 1st.

License plates sponsored by qualified organizations, colleges or governmental bodies are designed with distinctive backgrounds, colors or phrases that identify the sponsoring organization.  Bike Walk Montana will have a sponsored plate available beginning February 1, 2015

Although the plate is not yet available you can learn more about the program here: